Engineered & Solid Wood Flooring

Engineered Wood Flooring

Wood Flooring – the floor that tells a story……. remember when you let that woman walk all over me in heels, remember when you let that wobbly gentleman have a glass of red wine or vice versa? We all know how those events ended!

Wood floors are amazing, with so many different finishes, colours, width of plank, thickness of board etc……you really can find your ideal floor. However, they do need looking after and if you come in to us, you may feel like you’re being quizzed – think along the lines of re-homing a dog. I mean we won’t insist that someone comes in to check the floor every 4 hours but we will make sure that a wood floor is the right choice for you and your lifestyle!

We have samples from the lovely Kersaint Cobb range in the shop. Our own personal favourites are the Vie Maison range and the Heritage Parquet for that classic look. However, don’t let us influence you, come in and spin the wheel of wood yourself!

Know what you want?

Want to achieve a certain style you’ve seen in a magazine or on TV? Maybe it’s a lacquered or an oiled wood look you need.


Whatever you choose you can be sure that it is strong, durable and won’t cost the earth.

Laid with care…

As we always say, the perfect floor will be laid with care, attention and the benefit of 20 years experience. (We’ve heard that the perfect marriage is based on these three things too…)

We’re members of The Carpet Foundation and as such adhere to their code of practice.

Wood Flooring – Solid & Engineered

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