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Made To Measure Rugs – Bespoke – Let’s define bespoke – a British adjective meaning ‘made for a particular customer or user’. In a nutshell, if you design your own rug with us, you’re not going to find seven of your closest friends have the same rug from that Swedish furniture store with the meatballs. And we don’t have a one way system in our shop either, although we probably should and we do occasionally have Daim bars (although no armadillos, yet……).

Several of our lovely carpet companies – Ulster, Crucial Trading, Fibre and Unnatural Flooring all offer a made to measure rug service. Unnatural Flooring also have rugs for outside. Let’s not over complicate this – choose a carpet, choose a binding, choose a size, place the order, pay the money, wait a while (it’s bespoke, we’re not going to have one we made earlier) – job done.

Here’s where you can let your wild side show and unleash that inner interior designer you keep supressing with beige – go for the bold stripe of Audrey (carpet name, not an actual person) or the floral, tartan or zig zag fun of the Boho Collection

What are you waiting for? Coffee’s on……..

Unleash that wild side


Be brave…..


Well, hello Audrey….


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