Do you do free fitting?


We’re sometimes asked if we do free fitting and our answer is always no!**

But why, I hear you cry – the place down the road does! Does it though, I say? Do you have to buy something else they are selling in order to get the free fitting? Is the free fitting followed by an *? Read a little further and you’ll find the * on condition you buy our………blah, blah, blah. Now, if you think about this, you don’t need to be a genius to figure out where the cost of the fitting has been built into.

Also….our fitters have years of experience, they’ve gained qualifications at (expensive) training schools, they are skilled tradespeople, why on earth would we throw their skill in as a freebie? If someone does a good job and it’s how they make their living, they should be paid for it.

Anyway, hang on a second whilst I get down from my high horse but if you wouldn’t like your skill downgraded and thrown in as a freebie, don’t expect someone else to 🙂

Regarding the ** above – we did once do some free fitting for a cancer care centre so the answer isn’t always no but it mostly is!

Striped Carpet fitted as a runner to a wooden flight of stairs

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