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    Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring – Wood Planks

    Luxury Vinyl Tile Flooring – Wood Planks

    LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Wood Planks 

    LVT (Luxury Vinyl Tile) Wood Planks – Design Flooring has a wood look to suit everyone in a vast range of colours, styles and textures.

    Regular readers will know that one of our favourite products is Polyflor as it’s hard-wearing, durable but still looks breathtaking when laid correctly, as the images on this page will testify. Their two most popular ranges (well, as far as our customers are concerned!) are Colonia and Camaro – both excellently priced. Other manufacturers of LVT flooring are Luvanto and Karndean, to name but two.

    The planks can be laid in a variety of patterns from simple and straight to a more intricate pattern with borders and even a herringbone parquet (you know, like all the posh people have!)

    New to Pauls Floors (Breaking News!) – the exclusive designs of Harvey Maria (they do wood as well as all the Designer stuff) are now being featured in the shop – CLICK HERE!

    By taking your time, and adding some intelligent thought* on the look you’re trying to achieve, you can narrow down the vast range of colours styles and textures to the perfect combination that compliments your room.

    Maybe you really like the Scandinavian Beach House look – we fitted Colonia Nordic White Oak in a kitchen in Old Trafford, now all he needs to do, is  cook some Swedish meatballs from that famous furniture store with the one way system and he’s transported to Stokholm in the blink of an eye.

    We also did a lovely job for a guy in Didsbury who wanted a nice classy entrance hall for his apartment. We fitted Karndean Blond Oak and not only did it make the hall light and airy, it was also guaranteed for up to 20 years.

    Same with a period home in Sale – We fitted Spring Oak throughout and not only was it beautiful, but was guaranteed for 20 years against dog drool, cat paws (probably not claws), hamster droppings, sock-sliding children and, occasionally, drunken, slightly unsteady grownups. Of course, the full legal complexities of the Karndean guarantee are available on request.

    *Oh, and 20 years of experience helps too!

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