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    Natural Floor Coverings – Sisal, Seagrass

    Natural Floor Coverings – Sisal, Seagrass

    Natural Floor Coverings

    OK, so you want to really impress your friends? You need some natural floor coverings in your life.

    Recent years have seen a massive upsurge in the use of natural flooring such as seagrass and sisal in the domestic market.

    If you think you recognise the name from somewhere, its highly likely you’ve been reading trendy design magazines or watching designers on telly as it is in every good designer’s portfolio.

    It’s a popular look, and it’s very hard wearing. If fitted correctly, once down, it will last a long time. Beware though, specialist underlays and fitting techniques are essential. Seagrass tends to be the more hard wearing of the two, but both look great and add an amazing texture to the right room.